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Simple Weather App: Current Weather Conditions & 5 Day Weather Forecast

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Simple Weather App is an online tool that helps people quickly check the weather for their location or any other city in the world. The simple design of the app makes it easy to see a quick overview of the current weather conditions and five-day forecast. If you’re planning a trip or just want to know when you need an umbrella, this tool can help.

Simple Weather App

Enter a city name to view its current weather :


Weather in


Humidity: %

Wind Speed: MPH

UV Index:

5 Day Forecast

Day 1

Temp: °F

Humidity: %

Day 2

Temp: °F

Humidity: %

Day 3

Temp: °F

Humidity: %

Day 4

Temp: °F

Humidity: %

Day 5

Temp: °F

Humidity: %

Introduction: What Is Simple Weather App?

This simple weather app is a free and easy-to-use web weather app. It provides the current temperature, humidity, wind speed, and UV Index data from OpenWeather API. It also includes a 5-day forecast of the temperature and humidity.

This tool is great for anyone who needs quick access to the weather while traveling, whether you’re on a road trip, taking weekend getaways, or planning a vacation.

What Are the Main Features and Benefits of Simple Weather App?

The main features and benefits of the Simple Weather App are listed below:

  • It provides an overview of the current weather conditions and five-day forecast.
  • It provides information about the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and UV Index data.
  • It allows users to search for the weather in their desired location by typing in the city name.
  • It is a lightweight online tool that requires no installation or registration.
  • It is free to use and available on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • It is compatible with all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

How to Use Simple Weather App?

Just type in your city name and click “Search” to get current conditions and forecasts for up to 5 days.

Why Should I Use Simple Weather App?

The tool can be used for many purposes. It is useful for travelers who want to know what the weather will be like when they arrive at their destination. It also helps people who want to plan outdoor activities or decide what clothes they need to pack.

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