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From the lofty perch of the 20th floor of Niigata’s Media Ship Business Centre, this live webcam unveils a panoramic vista of the cityscape below. Witness the grandeur of Bandai Bridge spanning the Shinano River, its graceful arches a testament to the architectural ingenuity of the Shōwa era. Beyond the bridge, the urban tapestry of Niigata City unfolds, its skyline punctuated by modern structures.

Bandai Bridge, a symbol of resilience and cultural heritage, commands attention with its reinforced concrete construction and granite façade. Its designation as a national Important Cultural Property in 2004 speaks to its enduring significance as an example of early 20th-century engineering.

Encompassing the heart of Niigata City, Chuo Ward unfolds before you. Its western boundary embraces the Sea of Japan, offering serene beaches and verdant parks. Among its many attractions, the Niigata City Aquarium Marinepia Nihonkai captivates visitors with its captivating dolphin show.

Niigata Prefecture’s eponymous capital, Niigata City, boasts picturesque landscapes where majestic mountains and verdant rice fields converge. In winter, it transforms into a haven for snow enthusiasts, offering ample opportunities for thrilling winter sports.


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